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by Herman Miller

Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

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Charles and Ray Eames had ideas about making a better world, one in which things were designed to bring greater pleasure to our lives. Their iconic Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman (1956) began with a desire to create a chair with “the warm, receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt.” The result embodies what it really means to lounge. In continuous production since its introduction, this set is widely considered one of the most significant designs of the 20th century. Combining soft, inviting leather, mohair, or fabric with the sleek form of molded wood, the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is the culmination of the Eameses’ efforts to create a club chair using the molded plywood technology they pioneered in the ’40s. Even today, each piece is assembled by hand to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship, and you’ll be pleased to discover the set gets even better with use and age. Cushions snap in and can be removed and changed. This is the authentic Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Herman Miller.

Available in classic or tall.
Herman Miller and the Eames Office, still run by the Eames family, developed the taller size in response to the fact that the average height of people worldwide has increased about an inch since the chair was designed. The variations in size are subtle to the eye, but for taller individuals, they make the difference between “I love Eames” and “Eames loves me.”

Eco-Friendly Description: LEVEL Certified and Indoor Advantage Certified. LEVEL® by BIFMA is an evaluation and certification system for environmentally preferable and socially responsible office furniture. The LEVEL program has three performance tiers: LEVEL 1, 2, and 3. The higher the number, the more criteria considered and met across 4 key areas: materials, environmental impact, human health, and social responsibility. Indoor Advantage Gold certification is SCS Global Services’ highest level of indoor air quality performance for furniture. The certification assures that furniture products support a healthy indoor environment by meeting strict chemical emission limits for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


  • One of the most significant designs of the 20th century.
  • Pairs fine fabric or leather with molded wood.
  • Chair and ottoman comprised of molded wood shells filled with removable cushions.
  • Stamped with a medallion on the chair’s underside to signify authenticity.
  • Suited for living spaces, reception areas and executive offices.
  • Classic Size

Height (in): 31½ (80 cm)

Width (in): 33½ (85 cm)

Depth (in): 35 (89 cm)

Weight (lbs): 95 (43 kg)

Seat Height (in): 16 (41 cm)

Seat Width (in): 21 (54 cm)

Seat Depth (in): 21¼ (54 cm)

Weight Capacity (lbs): 250 (114 kg)

  • Tall Size

Height (in): 33¼ (85 cm)

Width (in): 33½ (85 cm)

Depth (in): 37¾ (96 cm)

Weight (lbs): 100 (46 kg)

Seat Height (in): 16½ (42 cm)

Seat Width (in): 21 (54 cm)

Seat Depth (in): 23¼ (59 cm)

Weight Capacity (lbs): 250 (114 kg)

  • Ottoman

Height (in): 17¼ (44 cm)

Width (in): 20¾ (53 cm)

Depth (in): 21½ (55 cm)

  • Seven-ply walnut, santos palisander, white ash or ebonized ash veneer shells
  • Molded plywood internal frames
  • Die-cast aluminum back brace and swivel base on chair, stationary base on ottoman
  • Polyurethane foam cushions
  • Stainless-steel leveling floor glides
  • Fabric or leather upholstery

and Ray Eames

is for living. That maxim shaped a widespread shift in design during the 1940s
and '50s. It was a revolution of form, an exciting visual language that
signaled a new age and a fresh start – and two of its prime movers were Charles
and Ray Eames. This husband-and-wife team's unique synergy led to a whole new
look in furniture. Lean and modern. Sleek and simple. Beautifully functional.



a soft cloth, wash periodically with lukewarm water and a mild soap (Ivory® or
Castile Bar Soap). Wipe with another clean, damp cloth. Buff dry with a soft
cotton terry towel. Clean the entire surface of the leather; do not spot clean.
Do not use saddle soaps or oils as these products contain solvents that will
break down the oils used in tanning the leather, harming its stain resistant

Veneer Panels

Produced After 1994

produced between 1994 and June 2008 feature a Milafin finish on the wood veneer
panels. This clear polyurethane type composite finish must be cleaned
periodically with a quality furniture polish, free of solvents or abrasives,
applied with a soft cloth following all application instructions.


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