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by Ligne Roset

Ligne Roset Dita TV Cabinet, 2 Flap Doors

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The Dita TV Cabinet combines a streamlined silhouette of clean lines with a smooth, coloured laminate surface. A modern entertainment console for contemporary interiors. Features an elegant anodised aluminium frame and wood panels, lacquered in a variety of colour options. Option of 2 drop down flap cupboards or drawer and flap cupboard combination open via slimline handles, concealing plenty of storage space for all the essentials.

The discreet, upright anodised aluminium frame, ensures maximum functionality with a compact footprint. Fits seamlessly into both modern and contemporary living or entry spaces.


  • 2 Flap Doors

Width : 170 cm

Depth : 45 cm

Height : 42 cm

  • Anodised aluminium frame
  • Wood panels

Pagnon & Pelhaître

The appearance of your piece of furniture
depends not only on its design but also on its various elements being kept in
good condition. Watch out for scratches! Although Ligne Roset is at the
forefront of research into resistance to such things, surfaces may still be
irreversibly damaged by rubbing with materials which are harder than they are
(e.g. metal, porcelain).

Varnishes and Lacquers

The finishes used by Ligne Roset possess
excellent qualities of resistance to the various forms of ‘aggression’ which a
piece of furniture meets in the course of its everyday life. Varnishes and
lacquers do not require any assistance (e.g. wax or polish) to retain their
initial sparkle over time. Care is limited to regular dusting and an occasional
wipe with a soft cloth moistened with slightly soapy water or diluted glass
cleaning liquid. Stains should be dealt with as quickly as possible in order to
avoid any longterm deterioration in appearance.

Anodised Aluminium

Fingerpints and other marks may be lifted
with the application of a proprietary glass cleaning product on a soft cloth.
Do not use scouring agents, silver polish or anything abrasive.

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